Case Studies

The Sewer Rehabilitation of the Denver Federal Center and the Utilization of Trenchless Technologies

Background: The Denver Federal Center (DFC) is one of the largest concentrations of federal agencies in the United States, second only to Washington D.C.  For the sanitary sewer rehabilitation portion of the contract, PCL contracted C&L Water Solutions, Inc. (C&L) to provide a complete project solution operation. The scope of work included: Approximately 21,000 linear feet of CIPP, or cured in place pipe, sized six to twelve inch; 3,500 linear feet of pipe bursting, upsizing four to six inch, six to eight inch, and ten to twelve inch; Miscellaneous point repairs, manhole removal and replacements, 48 manhole rehabilitations, cleanout installations, […]


Bringing Light Underground: Denver International Airport North Terminal Sewer Rehabilitation

Background: In direct opposition to the go-go, hustle and bustle atmosphere of the Denver International Airport (DIA), time and deterioration has begun to take a devastating toll on the infrastructure beneath the floors of the terminals. Pipelines that had been operating and draining smoothly up until recently have begun experiencing deterioration and tuberculation. The North Terminal Sewer Rehabilitation Project involved a waste water drain line that services several floor and area drains for this section of the terminal. The project was located beneath the primary terminal of the airport in the tunnels below where the baggage tugs and carts travel […]