Tap Rehabilitation

C&L Water Solutions, Inc. offers various different tap rehabilitation methods which provide a unique and complete solution to your needs such as:

  • Pressure Injected Molded Epoxy Seals (lateral connection void filling, and re-establishing the main to the lateral pipe)
  • UV Cured Top Hats (4″ – 6″ up the lateral)
  • LMK Stubby 360° Seal (4″ – 6″ up the lateral)
  • LMK Shorty 360° Seal (as much as 3′ up the lateral)

The ultimate solution for even the most complicated challenges:

  • T-Liner® is a one-piece, full circle, structural CIPP connection system
  • Extends up into the lateral pipe to eliminate both leak paths and root intrusions
  • T-Liner negotiates multiple bends, diameter transitions, and complex pipe configurations in lengths up to 200 feet from the main pipe
  • For shorter length laterals, T-Liner can be installed without an outside cleanout

Insignia Gasket Seals

  • The Insignia Gasket Seals are strategically positioned at the main to lateral connection and the upper end of the lateral pipe to create a watertight collection system.
  • T-Liner is the only system that both meets and exceeds the requirements of ASTM F2561-11.